Recovery Rocks

Powerful stories about lifelong changes


If you’re looking for inspiration about what life sober is like, and you want to hear it from people who were once in addiction, you’ll find it here.

Recovery Rocks Australia (RRA) is a podcast series that explores the lives and stories of people who have overcome their addictions; be they alcohol, drugs, gambling or food.

Hosted by Simon Bowen, a former drug addict and alcoholic who now runs his own rehabilitation clinic, RRA offers hope that it’s possible to get clean … and stay clean.

Simon’s 30-year struggle with substance abuse means he understands the damage caused by addiction, and what what it takes to break the cycle. His obsession with alcohol, heroin, cocaine and crack cost him everything he valued; his daughter, his marriage, his job, his friends, and his home. At its worst, living homeless in the woods of greater London, his addiction almost cost him his sanity, and ultimately, his life.

Now, more than 18 years sober, Simon is the owner of two businesses and lives a life he never dreamed possible. He’s passionate about giving recovery a voice, and on RRA you’ll hear him share his experiences and talk honestly with other addicts who have also turned their lives around and live a life free from the shackles of addiction.


If you’re struggling with addiction, help is available.

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Recovery Rocks Australia is a video podcast service and not a treatment facility in any way.  We recommend that you look at our Services Page to access relevant services related to addiction if you need help.

If you would like to be interviewed for this series and have a story of recovery from addiction to anything, in any way, then please do get in touch!

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